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wood borer removal service koramangala bangalore

Wood Borer Control Services in Bangalore

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Best Wood Borer Control Services in Bangalore

Most residential and commercial properties in India, have wood materials in them. Homes have wooden frames, beams, floors, windows, and doors. Commercial properties also have doors, windows, and wooden structural elements. These materials need to remain strong and intact in order for the building to remain secure and structurally sound. Borers can compromise this structural integrity and lead expensive repairs. At Pro Care Services, we provide wood borer removal service in bangalore at a very affordable price. We provide effective solutions to control wood borers and will make sure they’re eliminated from your property before they can cause too much damage to it.

If left untreated, this may lead to structural failure. You will generally identify that you have a Borer issue if you see small holes in timber work or the wood has become quite powdery. Treatment of Wood Borer can vary depending on the location of the issue.

We are actively providing service in Koramangala, Bellandur, Marathahalli, Whitefield, Hebbal, Mg road, Indira Nagar, HAL area, Electronic city, Bannerghatta Road. We are just a call away to serve you.

Signs Of Borer Infestation

Every time, you won’t see live borers in your property to confirm the infestation. Since early identification of borer infestation is important in ensuring minimal damage to your property, you should regularly check for the following signs

  • Do you see weak, damaged floorboards? It could be the signs of borer infestation.

  • Presence of eggs, wood borer larvae, and bore dust in your property.

  • Crumbling of wood products, especially around the edges or corners of floorboards.

  • Dead borers in your property, especially in near windowsills and infested wood.

  • Oval or round-shaped holes on timber products

wood borer removal service koramangala bangalore
wood borer removal service koramangala bangalore